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Essentia x Millie Bobby Brown

Welcoming Millie Bobby Brown to Essentia Nation.

Integrated Coordinator

For this shoot, I traveled to sunny California to shoot the one and only Millie Bobby Brown for Essentia Water. Not only were we shooting a world class actress, we were shooting in the iconic Goldstein Residence - an 80M home in Beverly Hills that can be seen in The Big Lebowski, on the cover of Vogue, Vanity Fair, and on the instagram of every A-list celebrity in LA.  

Millie and I discussed if we ever had a nightclub in our basement and what we would name it and shared a laugh over the Playboy themed bathroom. 

Personally, I checked off a ton of bucket list items. Professionally, I learned so much about working in a new market and all the trials that come with doing so. We could not have asked for a more prestigious and talented crew. An absolute honor to be a part of.


Photographer: Ian Evan Lam 

BTS Videographer: Ryan Flemming 

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