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Unsafe Spaces

When getting off the late shift, what looks like 50 feet, feels like 50 miles to a woman alone in a parking lot. 

Writer / Director


Editor: Nathan Shapiro


DP: Jacob Schermerhorn

Press: Sandheinrich Scares Up Short Film AwardsThe Republic Times


Awards: Best Short Film and Best Editing at the Arrow Films Stylist Short Cuts Competition. 

In UNSAFE SPACES writer/director Connor Sandheinrich perfectly captures how scary an instance like this can be, by letting it play out in what feels like real-time.  I’ve been there before.  I know a lot of us have.  It’s an exciting reminder of how a very simple idea can be extremely effective and really resonate with an audience.

- Jill Gevargizian (director, co-writer & producer of The Stylist)

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