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Unsafe Spaces

When getting off the late shift, what looks like 50 feet, feels like 50 miles to a woman alone in a parking lot. 

Now available to stream on ARROW Video


Women are either taught or come to understand that we must be hyper vigilant in vulnerable situations. This societal idea turns mundane tasks like walking to a car into situations of survival. I wanted this short film to showcase what that moment can feel like. 


Editor: Nathan Shapiro


DP: Jacob Schermerhorn

Press: Sandheinrich Scares Up Short Film AwardsThe Republic Times


Awards: Best Short Film and Best Editing at the Arrow Films Stylist Short Cuts Competition. 

In UNSAFE SPACES writer/director Connor Sandheinrich perfectly captures how scary an instance like this can be, by letting it play out in what feels like real-time.  I’ve been there before.  I know a lot of us have.  It’s an exciting reminder of how a very simple idea can be extremely effective and really resonate with an audience.

- Jill Gevargizian (director, co-writer & producer of The Stylist)

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